Anaheim City School District/Orange County Symphony Orchestra Program Needs Your Help!

Despite recent funding cuts for arts and music education programs, the Anaheim City School District and the Orange County Symphony (OCS) have teamed up to bring music back into the classrooms with their new Orchestra Program, a comprehensive after-school music program. More than 1,300 students have enrolled in the Orchestra Program, but less than a quarter of these students can afford their instruments. Determined to place instruments in the hands of every student, the Anaheim City School District and OCS have launched a fundraising campaign to support the Orchestra Program.

The Orchestra Program provides students with extensive instruction from Orange County’s best musical talent.

  • At 14 schools for four days a week, members of the symphony teach students how to play string, brass, percussion or wind instruments, and provide music appreciation courses.
  • As a part of the curriculum, the symphony also provides the students and their families with free tickets to attend all of the nine monthly concerts in the Orange County Symphony season

Our students are eager to learn music, and they need your help.

  • Anaheim City School District is one of the largest elementary school districts in the state, with 24 schools and nearly 20,000 students.  Eighty-five percent of these students receive either free or reduced lunch, and belong to families living below the poverty line.

A thriving music program enriches youth and communities.

  • Multiple studies have shown that participation in music programs helps students enhance learning skills, perform better in school across multiple subjects and improve test scores.
  • Involvement in a musical education has also been linked to increased attendance and higher graduation rates.

You can help us achieve our goals!

Donations to the Orchestra Program will help supply instruments, sustain the program and expand it throughout the school district.

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